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When Life gives you Lemons…….10 Great Uses for Lemons



Would anything good come out of lemon? That was the obvious joke when I was little. Lemon fruit was never friendly. Thank to our growing old! Lemon has grown to be among the most important fruits in our kitchen and homes. The humble lemon can be used for eating, drinking, cooking, cleaning, decorations and most of all creation of homemade beauty. Not only is the lemon important but also its peels. Nothing goes to waste when it comes to lemon fruits. It’s used as a whole. Lemons got high concentration of an acid called citric; this acid is amazingly perfect in disinfecting and cleaning. It also helps to kill bacteria. Lemons got countless important uses here are some of the most common among users.

  1. Lemons are used for cooking. A lemon is used in making dishes since it adds moisture, tang and flavor to them. Its juice can also be sprinkled over some foods such as potatoes, bananas, and apples to prevent premature browning of the cut foods. Examples of food cooked with lemon are grilled lemon chicken and baked tilapia using lemon butter.
  2. Lemons are used to bake. Most people prefer lemon cookies and cakes due to the great aroma and taste that the lemons add to them. They are a staple for baked foods lovers.
  3. Lemons are used for cleaning. Lemons can clean, add a good odor or disinfect kitchen items. Having lemon always for cleaning is just a perfect idea. It can clean bathtubs, microwave etc.just anything around your home.
  4. Lemons are used as deodorizers. A lemon always got scent. Liked by almost everyone. This scent is used to remove foul odors from our homes and the surrounding environment. This can be achieved by making an air freshener from lemon juice, keeping the garbage disposal clean using lemon or even getting rid of foot odor using lemon. It is the solution to all odors.
  5. Lemons help in fixing pest problems. When it comes to garden pest or fleas. Lemons reduce your worries by protecting your plants and pets. You can make a flea spray from lemons or deter insects with the lemon peels.
  6. Lemons are greatly used in experiments to make power led lights or battery that can help you safe the cost of power by making use of this scientific ideas. Such ideas include; creating a lemon battery to save on power, making invisible ink message all from this same fruit, lemon.
  7. Lemons are used to make beauty solutions. Everybody wants to look classic that’s why no home should run out of lemons. They are used to condition, scent and soften body parts making you look younger and extremely beautiful especially to our dear ladies.
  8. Lemons make drinks. The most commonly known is the lemonade but there are a lot more drinks from lemons such as lemon soda, lemon drop cocktail, a hot soothing lemon drink and a lot more.
  9. Lemon is used to treat stomach upset. Just by drinking the juice.
  10. Finally it is used in removal of dried paint from glass. Just to maintain your clean and beautiful home.

Never go a day without lemon!

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