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What is Urban Farming? Sustainability and Enviro Economics defined…

Sustainability is a topic that has become more of a hot topic over the years as cities become bigger and more and more people enter the middle class and begin to consume more products.   A topic under this banner is urban farming which encompasses a wide variety of green spaces allocated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables that also brings together a community awareness to the planet earth that we call home.

What is urban farming?

Urban farming is just a model to create urban land. People use this new resource to build a community, grow food, take care of the land, and work together. We need to understand the fact that urban farming is both a process and a place, integrating social, economic, ecological and biological concerns in our societies. Urban agriculture encompases a wide array of entities such as greenhouses, home gardens, green walls, green roofs, and so on.


One of the benefits of urban farming is that it can be used as a business. People will use a couple of acres to build a sustainable business. Another important benefit of urban farming is community development. There is a lot of impact on this activity on air, water and landscape aesthetics. The urban poor will benefit highly from urban farming because they will be able to produce their own food. These people have real problems of food supply, and this situation worsens in times of economic crises. An important fact is that most of the income of these people is spent on food. Millions of people will benefit from urban farming because this activity is here to stay – resilient cities can be developed in any country with the help of urban farming.

Another benefit we need to mention here is that of the increase in economic value of an area, which means that new jobs will be created in the part of the city embracing urban farming. Real estate values will increase because there will be more businesses attracted in this area so as to make land more attractive to potential buyers. Tourism and welfare of the area will be increased as well, because everything will be more dynamic and beautiful. Green areas are very important components of any urban environment, and urban farming is here to help develop this in a city.


One of the drawbacks of urban farming is that there is a lot of political and economic changes to do in a city in order to develop this activity with success. A lot of incentives and regulations should be created by local authorities to make sure everything will be alright in the city of any country.

Size limitations within urban communities are at a premium.  As a result, the benefits of healthy living, sustainability, nutrition, and community spirit tend to be overlooked.  Urban farming isn’t for everyone given the lifestyle change, but with change a different or simpler way of life can be achieved.

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