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How to Sing in Tune | Singorama Online Singing Lessons

Singorama Online Singing Lessons | How to Sing in Tune with confidence

1.  Singorama Explained

2.  How does it work?

3.  Who does the program benefit?

4.  What do you get when you purchase Singorama?

5.  About the author


  1. Singorama Explained


Singorama is an online singing lesson, designed by Emily Mander in collaboration with other professional music industry experts. Singorama has grown to become a reputable and a well-known course for teaching music learners online. The program is downloadable from singorama official website, and is best for beginners and intermediaries. The course provides a wide range of training resources, including audio and text to support the audio learning material. The course is affordable, and anybody can enroll on the course without having to leave home or hit a studio for music lessons.
Singorama online music lessons provide more than the other lessons offer. Here are some of the main benefits of singorama:


  1. Plenty of learning materials
  2. Powerful software for recording own songs and take practice
  3. The course is very comprehensive, and contains everything a learner would require to gain the necessary skills
  4. Flexible fee plans, something for everyone


  1. Who does the Program Benefit?


Singorama is suitable for the following groups of learners:


– Newbie singers who want a beginner’s course that offers a crash program on proper singing

– Those looking forward to take their singing fundamentals to the next level

– Those looking forward to try their hands on a risk free professional singing module

– Those that are after singing rudiments, for instance pitch, tone and control


  1. How does it Work?


After making payments for the course, learners are given access to the course materials. Learners are also given two eBooks that will be used alongside the audio materials. There are communication channels open to help learners overcome the challenging parts of the course. Singorama also offers tutors who are available to assist learners with questions.


  1. What do you get when you Purchase the Singorama?


Singorama music online course offers a variety of resources. The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee, enough time to test and determine if the course really suits you. The money is fully refundable, and is given back on the payment platform used to make the payments. The payments are flexible; you can decide to go with the instant download, platinum membership or a physical product, which is however a little expensive.


When you purchase the program, you get audio, eBooks, software package and unlimited support. The audio files cover everything, starting from music basics to the advanced levels. The audios contain vital information like overcoming anxiety in the stage, posture, breathing, etc. The audios are numbered, and the learner takes them in series, one after the other. The course also has a song writing session, practical, etc. Learners are given two eBooks, one for beginners and the other advanced courses. The software package can be downloaded from the affiliate section. The package is easy to install and use on your computer. In case of difficulty downloading or using the software, contact the support for help by opening a help ticket.



  1. About the Author


Emily Mander in collaboration with other music industry experts created Singorama. Emily Mander is a voice specialist, well known in the music industry for her skills in helping others to unleash their best inward voices. Mander has won several awards in her career, and also takes part in training celebrities to maintain their voices. Use Singorama to learn how to sing in tune


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