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Screw95 Review, Develop profitable niche websites that rank

Screw95 is a no BS approach to developing profitable nich websites that dominate search engine traffic and social search networks……

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Making money online is one of those elusive rainbows that we are constantly hearing about – either via ads on real’ websites we visit, or junk email. Blogging, niche sites, filling out surveys, stay at home mums that strike it rich by just jumping online for a few hours a day and practicing one little secret – the list goes on and on with the promises of fast, big, easy money getting wilder and wilder with each claim. Screw95 is a website development and training course that actually comes good on their claims and doesn’t promise something for nothing, rather they explain how to build a niche website, in simple easy to understand steps and acknowledge that yes, you will need to expend a little effort to be able to kiss good-bye to the daily 9 – 5 grind.

1. So what’s this Screw95?

2. What do you get when you purchase Screw95?

3. About Jay Wessman


So what’s this Screw 95?

Screw95 is a program for anyone who has dreamt of making some income online and doesn’t mind taking a little time and effort to do it – be it in addition to a current job, or instead of one. The steps are straight forward, and comprehensive enough to cover everything that someone who’s never set up a site before needs to know, as well as giving cutting edge strategies to those who’ve been in affiliate marketing for a while now and are looking for new ways to ramp up their earnings.

Once you sign up, Jay starts off by explaining the five main steps on how to build a niche website that will be profitable for you – the whole time going through the steps of building that site with you; he builds his whilst you look over his shoulder and build your own site too. As you go through these steps you have access to a support group, or forum of other members so you can ask questions and get further advice as you go along. In addition to the forum, Jay actually gives you his personal email address so you can drop him a line if you really get stuck and he will actually get back to you himself to help you out.

What do you get when purchase Screw95?
For $97 you get 5 CD’s or course modules that explain in easy to understand language the details of setting up your own paying niche site – from choosing a niche that is right (and profitable) for you, through to building followers and traffic for that site. Once you’ve completed those 5 steps there are another 3 bonus segments waiting to teach you how to scale up on your success, give you two case studies of sites built from nothing that now pay a hefty profit to Jay and a lifetime membership to the Screw 95 forum where other members share what works for them and the latest strategies that they use with their sites. All this information and tutoring is so good that there is a money back guarantee, this gives you 2 full months to check everything out, and if it’s not for you, you can get your $97 straight back without any questions or hassle.

About Jay Wessman

Owner and operator of the lazyassstoner blog site……Jay has developed hundreds of profitable niche websites that rank on the top page for keyword search terms.  He has ditched the standard 9-5 work week working for douchbag managers.

If you would like to try the Screw95 nich website program then click on the link image below.

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