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Restaurant Recipe Secrets Revealed, dish out your favorite restaurant meal at home

Restaurant Recipe Secrets, how to get restaurant quality food in your kitchen……………..

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You have probably gone to your favorite restaurant yet again this week, we’ve all been there; you simply can’t get enough of how good it tastes. You’ve thought about having  restaurant recipe secrets to dish out at home, the famous KFC’s chicken, or even McDonalds big mac sauce!

1. How does it work?

2. What do you get when you purchase Restaurant Recipe Secrets?

3. About the Author


How does it work?

Finally a website created with you in mind, to let you in on the restaurant recipe secrets that you love. Lets face it; since we can’t just walk-up to these places and ask for their secret recipe we rely on the Internet. Now you can have access to the #1 restaurant recipe community. Sign up for their newsletter and attain a copy of the restaurant recipe secrets cookbooks you can have at home for easy access to impress your friends and family.

Most restaurants receive their packaged goods already seasoned with the  restaurant recipe secrets; therefore most of them don’t even know what is in it, at www.recipesecrets.com the way it works is there is a community of over 100,000 members who test the recipes and add intelligence to their products so you know that these will be exactly what you expect it to taste like.

The purpose of these two books, is to get the consumer to benefit from it, we spend so much money a month going to restaurants because we love the food, but if we could do it at home it would save us money.


What do you get when you purchase Restaurant Recipe Secrets?

When you purchase this book, not only do you get the second one free! You also get a free bonus on top of it, 3 amazing books:

Book 1: the 5-star Restaurant Recipe Secrets,

Book 2: Secret Sauces Exposed! The Savory Sauces of 5-Star Restaurants

Book 3: Herbs 101 – How to Plant, Grow and Cook with Natural Herbs

Act now and you’ll pay only $19.97 and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

On top of that, your order comes with a 60 day, risk reversal money back guarantee. Your order can be shipped this very week and you know you’ll provide your family with the famous flavors they already love.

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About the Author

Ron Douglas, Best Selling Author of “America’s Restaurant Recipes”

He is a regular guy with a passion for going out to eat. Once he became aware of how much money he spends on food each year he wanted to make a change. While he didn’t want to deprive his family and himself of the foods they knew and loved, he had to figure out a way to make them at home. His results were catastrophic, being compared to restaurants wasn’t easy. To set his family and friends wrong and show them that you could re-create famous recipes at home he began to do research, and he discovered KFC’s secret mix of herbs and spices is SO secret that they mix it in two separate locations and the only copy of the restaurant recipe secrets is kept in a computerized vault! Protected of course by motion detectors and video cameras.

Now with 100% confidence he says, “these are the EXACT ingredients restaurants use.” Having built a network of over 100,000 people testing and trying out the recipes he created the perfect books.

If you would like to learn everything about restaurant recipe secrets then click on the image link below.

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