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Lean Body Revolution Review, ICRT Training System

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Lean Body Revolution – Intense ICRT Training System

Are you tired of working out to the same fitness routine at your local gym waiting to get those fat loss results that you so desire.  Well guess what a 30 minute workout doing a few weights and some cardio on the spinner bike is going to cut it if you want true results that will last.

I am 43 and suffered from the same fat loss issues everyone else has after years of abuse, beer and chicken wings was my issue and the two kids…..yada yada…..all excuses really when it comes down to it.

Then I discovered the Lean Body Revolution workout system developed by Jason Klein, an ex-fitness instructor, for the US Navy.  I had felt like making a change in my exercise routine mainly because it wasn’t working and after doing some research on Interval Cardio-Resistance Training(ICRT) I felt Jason gave the straight goods on how to achieve that great lean body.

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The Lean Body Revolution is built on the concept of an intense resistance training workout on as little as 15 minutes to achieve maximum results.  In nutshell, when you perform intense resistance based training, your muscles are stressed to the point of tearing.  In order for these muscles to repair themselves they require amino acids and yes fat cells to recover.  As a result, your metabolism increases which results in more fat burned by the body.

Additionally critical in this type of workout training is having a good nutritional diet……both go hand in hand in producing ideal conditions for burning fat. Jason points out which types of food are good for creating a super lean body and which types of food to avoid like the plague because they will just add to you putting on weight.

The Lean Body Revolution ebook also points out which types of foods are appropriate to eat at different parts of the day and just before working out.  So that, your body’s metabolism is constantly working and burning those fat cells away.   Jason likes to describe this in his nutritional formula where protein plus carbs equates to less fat and a leaner physique, where as protein plus fats equals less carbs.


Lean Body Revolution is not for everyone and requires a tough discipline and work to get lean and fit……I personally was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and committed to doing it!  However, if you do commit to it you will not only achieve that muscular lean body you always wanted, but you will also create a healthy and energetic lifestyle along with it.

Author – Jason Klein

Jason Klein is the former fitness instructor of the United States Navy and creator of the Lean Body Revolution resistance based fitness program.

Jason worked for years training some of today’s best Navy Seals using a scientifically proven fitness regiment know as, Interval Cardio Resistance Training.

This fitness training worked so well on the US Navy that he decided to write an ebook on the subject called the Lean Body Revolution.

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Click the link below if you would like to learn more about this fitness program that worked for me and I am sure it will work for you if you put your mind and body towards your workout goals.

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Click here for Lean Body Revolution!

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