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Interested in living off the grid? see what it is like by renting an Earthship

So if you are anything like us at Jamokah you may have heard the term “Earthship” used and you were wondering, what the heck is an Earthship?  At first thought it makes you think of a space ship and on that note we have dedicated this article to provide information on the allure of the Earthship by using as many words as possible that end in “ship”.

“Earthship” What is it? It could be the best thing since sliced bread with way better showmanship. It is a fully sustainable off the grid dwelling designed to provide thermal and solar heat, solar and wind electricity, sewage treatment, water harvesting, and food production, all built with natural and recycled materials.

Can you imagine no electricity bills, no heating/cooling bills, no water bills, no food bills…..what? no bills….is that a dream come true or what? Would you then need to work as much or maybe even at all and enjoy living in harmony with the Earth.  Complete freedom, “freedomship” we will call it…..freedom from bills, freedom from debt, freedom!

Do you have leadership to think outside what we believe the norm, to be working, getting credit, spending and then paying our debts off for the rest of  life? Do you really need a faster car, bigger home, bigger TV, extra debt and artificial happiness. If you are interested in seeing and feeling what it is like to live in an Earthship then you can. Check out this site www.earthship.com for more information on renting an Earthship for your next vacation.

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If you do rent an Earthship, let us know how it went. Happy Holidays!



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