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How to make Solar Panels with the Green DIY Energy Guide

Are you looking for a Step by Step Guide on how to make solar panels? We found the ultimate guide.

1. Green DIY Energy Explained

2. Who does the guide benefit?

3. How does it work?

4. What do you get when you purchase the Green DIY Energy?


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Green DIY energy has introduced a new way for people to build their own solar panels for a price tag of less than $200. The Green DIY energy provides a step-by-step guide that shows people how to make solar panels at the comfort of their home. How to make Solar panels will definitely benefit home owners who are in areas that receive adequate sunlight and want to save big on energy costs.
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What is Green DIY energy?

Green DIY energy is a guidebook that gives users information on how to make solar panels. The guidebook has pictures, schematics, illustrations and videos that will take a builder through the whole process. The package has guides that show what you need for building and how to build the solar panels. The best part is the video guide that clearly shows users exactly how to piece the necessary pieces together. The video guides are absolutely free; the company calls this a bonus of the guidebook.

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How it works?

Buying the guidebook will give users detailed information about the process. In a nutshell, the first part introduces users to the DIY program. It shows and tells users the materials they need to build the solar panels. It also gives users a list of suppliers who will provide them with the materials at a favorable price. The next section shows the hands-on process. It shows users how to build a solar panel frame, how to tab the solar cells, how to connect the solar cells together in to rows and how to piece the rows together. The guide shows that the approximate total cost of building the solar panel is around $98.

It would be useless to build a solar panel and leave it lying around so the other guides show the installation process. The free guides show how to install and mount the solar panels you have made. Next it shows how to hook multiple solar panels and store power with the help of batteries. Finally, it shows you how to save energy by reducing and eliminating energy wastage in your home. It does this by showing you the elements that contribute to energy wastage.

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Benefits of Green DIY energy

· The first pro of using Green DIY energy is that it works. Experts have proven that it is real.

· It helps users save money by showing you what and where to buy affordable materials and also providing you a cheap, yet effective energy solution for your home.

· The solar panels created are easily portable so you can take them with you whenever you move.

· Green DIY energy gives you a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the service.

· The bonus videos, valued at $97, are absolutely free.

· Green DIY energy shows users how to save on energy to reduce wastage of resources and cut down on expensive electricity bills.

· This program uses eco-friendly methods of how to make solar panels and materials that will not harm the environment. Plus it uses a renewable energy source; the sun.

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