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Healthy Chocolate Recipes, Living Healthy with Chocolate book Review

Living Healthy With Chocolate Recipes Review – How to bake healthy chocolate recipes using this Paleo dessert recipe book

1.  Living Healthy with Chocolate – what is it?

2.  Who does it benefit?

3.  How does it work?

4.  What do you get when you purchase this healthy chocolate recipes book?

5.  About the author

Living Healthy with Chocolate – what is it?

Living Healthy With Chocolate is a collection of healthy chocolate recipes delivered with a ton of information about natural whole foods you can eat to help energize your life.

The information and recipes contained in this e-book encompass the knowledge of numerous nutritionists, researchers and physicians, including Dean Ornish, Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil. With this book comes the good news that chocolate is actually good for you, which may sound too good to be true!

Living Healthy With Chocolate is designed to change the way you eat, think and feel. The diet presented in the book is high in fat and moderate in animal protein, but very low in carbs. The meals comprise grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and eggs, low carb vegetables and lots of organic green leafs. These healthy chocolate recipes also consist of fruits in moderation and mostly those that are low in sugars such as strawberries and other berries. The book shows you can still eat delicious meals and desserts by replacing unhealthy, processed ingredients with utmost natural ones.

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Who does it benefit?

If you are trying to come up with some healthy and nutritional dessert alternatives than the Living Healthy With Chocolate maybe the right choice for your lifestyle. The delicious recipes packed inside the recipe book are meant to help serve your course to a healthy toned body and that won’t ruin your weight loss plan. In fact, these recipes are natural healthy chocolate recipes which you and your family can enjoy comfortably knowing that they are better for you than desserts purchased at the grocery store – and much lower in fat, sugar and calories too.

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How does it work?

Living Healthy With Chocolate consist of the best healthy chocolate recipes.  Examples provided in the recipe book include: healthy chocolate brownies, cookies, puddings, cakes and many more that will help you restore your natural look without feeling guilty of enjoying a treat every once in awhile. You’ll be able to satisfy your calorie cravings without the fear of putting on extra pounds. The book contains over 20 recipes which are delicious and healthy, yet easy to make.

The raw chocolate recipes contain no refined sugar or any kind of artificial sweeteners.  Instead, natural sweeteners, such as, strawberries and agave are used. These natural sweeteners have a low GI rating, which translates into a minimal impact on nutritional requirements for the body. Most recipes are either made with cocoa oil or cocoa butter,which are both highly beneficial to your health, since they contain amazing magnesium, chromium and iron.

What do you get when you purchase this healthy chocolate recipes book?

Living Healthy With Chocolate costs only $24.97 and comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied with the e-book within 60 days upon purchase, you will be refunded the full purchase price. In addition, the book comes with two great bonuses:

  • Kids Chocolate Kitchen – Guilt-Free Kids Chocolate Recipe Book
  • Dreamy Chocolate Christmas – Guilt-Free Choclate Festive Treats For All Occasions.

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About the author

The name behind Living Healthy With Chocolate is Andriana Harlan, aside from developing this recipe book, Andriana is a web designer and oceanographer. After 3 years of continuous and extensive research on the healing powers of nutrition, Andriana came up with this comprehensive recipe book that offers the best healthy alternative to store bought chocolate. She is very passionate about helping people begin their journey to a healthy chocolate experience.

If you would like to learn more on some healthy chocolate recipes, then click on the image below.

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