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Google Sniper 2.0 Review | Creating niche websites that rank!

Google Sniper 2.0 Review | A guide to building profitable niche websites

1. Google Sniper 2.0 Explained

2. How does it work?

3. What do you get when you purchase Google Sniper 2.0?

4. About the author


Google Sniper 2.0 Review



Google sniper is an affiliate-marketing programme that contains software and trainings to assist people in building sniper websites that rank highly on search engines. This means that you will get more leads, traffic and money from your online business. This starter package assists both beginner and advanced internet marketers who want to build multiple websites and blogs to earn a full time or additional income.


How Google sniper works


Google sniper aims at teaching three basic principles; how to identify good keywords for your niche, how to explore profitable niches and how to identify the product that matches with your niche. Google sniper is a three-step process that should be adhered to. These three steps are;


– Picking a product that you wish to promote


– Creating a sniper site or blog using the best keyword


– Watch out for traffic and tweak your site for total control



The main reason people use Google sniper is to learn how to develop sniper sites and blogs with WordPress with a number of plugins to enable them get to the top of search engines. However, the main reason as to why this product is very popular is; the ease of identifying profitable keywords and getting top Google ranking through creating mini web and blog pages. Google sniper aims at specific keywords through the help of match domains.


What you get after purchase


Unlike most products, Google sniper has different prices as indicated in its sales pitch video. It features a $1- 5-day trial that amounts to $67 monthly and is refundable within 60 days. A $47 fee that is followed by a $47 one-time recurring fee. However, whichever pay package you choose, you will get the same sales pitch and training. After purchase, you can access the member’s area and a number of training features that include;


How to get started: this is an introduction by the founder George Brown. You are required to learn how to navigate and use the product.


Google sniper 2.0: this part includes 25 training videos, a Google sniper e-book and a user manual.


More training: just like the name suggests, this area includes additional videos that explain how to speed up your sniper techniques.


Empire module: This product aims at assisting in outsourcing different jobs that are essential when building a website or blog. It includes blog and site installation techniques, plugin installation, article writing and back linking for faster and higher search engine ranking.


Rolodex: this section holds additional information that assist in identifying different ways of making money online and Google sniping.


Sniper X: sniper x is updated each week with videos, webinars about the latest techniques and strategies and Q & A webinars with George.



About the author


George Brown owns Google sniper. He created it at the age of 17 after he succeeded online. He launched Google sniper in 2010 and made over $500000 within the same year. He managed to attain these features without traffic generation or cost. His success story inspired 50 people who quit their jobs to earn and benefit from this online income programme.

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