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Get Fit and Lean in 28 days, a fitness program by Travis Stoetzel

Are you looking for a fast track to getting fit and lean? This Step by Step guide by Travis Stoetzel may be just what you are looking for.

1. 28 Day Muscle Explained

2. Who does the program benefit?

3. How does it work?

4. What do you get when you purchase the 28 Day Muscle Program?

5. About the author

Get fit and lean by Travis Stoetzel

Get Fit And Lean In Just 28 Days

Travis Stoetzel is the brainchild behind a special 28 day muscle program that has helped out a lot of people build their body muscles. This program is basically all about reducing your body fat yet increase your lean body mass within a period of 28 days. The developer of the program used it to reduce his body fat from about 9% to below 5%, yet added 5 pounds of lean body mass. This would as well work for you if you implement it the right way. Rapid changes would come your way, just as is learnt from reviews by people who have gone through the program.

The program requires that a person trains only with body weight, dumbbells and barbells for the stated period of 28 days. The sessions should take about 40 to 45 minutes. They should be done correctly since this is the only way to achieve good results.


Who The Program Benefits
According to Travis Stoetzel, this program is meant to work for any person who is willing to put in the effort that is necessary. This person has got be consistent in the way that they put in this effort. There are a number of people who jump into such programs thinking that it is a way to get a magical quick fix in their physique. This is not the case. The program is also not for people who believe that it is the only way to getting bigger, having their muscles ripped or getting stronger. There are other activities that have got to be incorporated as well in order to get success out of the program.

How The Program Works
There is a particular way to execute the program otherwise it may not work for you. The author of the program has laid out certain principles that should be taken in order for great results to be achieved. The first thing that he advocates for is mind preparation. The mindset has got to be right in order for the rest of the workout session to be beneficial. Believing within oneself that it is possible to achieve the goal one wishes is important. If a person does not have positive thoughts within regarding the goals they  want to achieve then chances are there to not achieve best possible results.

Another thing that has got to be considered is a warm up session. This would help prevent injury or muscle cramps. Warm up prepares the body and mind to accommodate the strenuous workout session that is impending.

Strategic days have got to be set aside for training. These days have got to be closely set in order for consistency to be achieved.

The warm down part should not be ignored and Eating has got to be right in the healthy proportions.

Get fit and lean by Travis Stoetzel

Travis Stoetzel guarantees to return 100% of your money after 60 days if you go through the program yet achieve nothing.

Here is a list of what you will receive with the program

  • Main System Manual with 10 phases of 3 Day Workout Plans
  • Bodyweight Training Manual
  • The Sandbag Training Manual
  • The Kettlebell Training Manual
  • DumbBell Domination
  • Paleo Ripped Eating Guide
  • The 7 Supplements for Strength, Power and Endurance
  • Strength Coach Audio Series

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Author BIO
Travis Stoetzel is a gym owner with a passion for training athletes and those willing to work hard. Travis’s system has been featured on BodyBuilding.com and has helped many with their fitness goals.

Travis Stoetzel

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