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Fit Yummy Mummy Review, Pregnancy workout guide

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Fit Yummy Mummy Workout System

Fit Yummy Mummy Review, how to lose that pregnancy belly…..

As any Mom can realize the 9 months of pregnancy, although joyful, dramatically changes your appearance, not too mention your self-esteem.  I personally encountered a huge increase in weight throughout the pregnancy of my first child and subsequent children after that.  No longer looking sexy left me with the desire to get that look and confidence back in my life.

It seemed like everywhere I looked there were all these miracle diets that would transform my body to its pre-pregnancy look.  Well guess what I tried a few with no success!……then I discovered this great fitness program that combines healthy eating and short interval exercise to achieve that sexy body that you had pre-BABY!

I am writing this blog entry to tell you about the Fit Yummy Mummy Workout program that really changed my body, as well as my inner self, in just a few short weeks.  The program is based around the principle of EPOC…….and what the heck is that?  Well in short it stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  In a nutshell this is a fancy way of increasing your metabolism by performing short burst high intensity workouts in as little as 15 minutes.  The results from these workout routines help to get your bodies natural metabolism burning calories even when you aren’t working out, resulting in amazing weightloss in a fit and healthy manner.

The Fit Yummy Mummy Review is wonderfully put together for the busy Mom trying to manage her life as a mother while still wanting to remain active.  I wasn’t a great exercise queen before purchasing the product, but after doing so I became stronger and stronger with every week that I performed the exercises.  Slowly, toning my legs and arms to the point where I wanted to put on my bikini and show off my sexy body to everyone!

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Fit Yummy Mummy workout program consists of the following things:

  • In as little as 15 minutes a day you can increase your metabolism and burn the fat around your belly
  • It shows you how you can workout in your own home without having to be intimidated by training at your local gym.
  • The exercises are fun and constantly change throughout the program to keep everyone motivated and engaged.
  • How to create the perfect meal plan, including great nutritional tips to keep you on track in losing weight.
  • The real facts about diets and how they don’t work.
  • Photo’s are presented in the ebook to help you easily understand how to perform these fitness routines.
  • How to get fit, toned and sexy legs and arms using advanced exercise techniques.
  • Nutritional facts on fat burning foods that will give you the energy and desire to perform the workouts.
  • as well as mental techniques to help you achieve your goals and get that body that you always dreamed of…..

The exercise routines were kept simple and can be customized and tailored around your own fitness level and goals.  Like I said before the Fit Yummy Mummy workout is set up for beginners to more advanced levels of fitness and is kept fun and new with every week that you burn those unwanted calories…..

Author – Holly Rigsby

Holly Rigsby is a Mom, certified personal trainer and author of the Fit Yummy Mummy Workout   System.  Holly designed this nutrition and fitness program after dealing with her own personal struggles with weight gain, after being pregnant with her first child.

She wanted to avoid the pitfalls of diet programs and instead came up with a program that takes into consideration proper nutrition and short burst exercises that get your metabolism working for you and help lose that unwanted pregnancy belly.

The Fit Yummy Mummy workout is designed to help Moms around the world lose weight by working out as little as 4 times a week in brief 15 minute workout sessions.

Click the link below if you would like to learn more about Fit Yummy Mummy Workout System.

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