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Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 Review, Improve muscle tone and flexibility

Clubbell Yoga Primal 12, Proven Method To Tone Muscles, Improve Dynamic Flexibility, Improve Power Output, Reduce Pain And Restore Flow. Cutting Edge Tool For Anyone To Access Strength Based Yoga Flow, Regardless Of Yoga Experience Or Fitness Level.

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1. Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 Review

2. Who does the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 program benefit?

3. How does it work?

4. What do you get when you purchase the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 Program?

5. About the author

Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 Review

Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 consists of 3 levels of difficulty, each containing 12 distinct workouts, for a total of 36 routines. 12 involve the use of mini-Clubbells for weighted exercise, which are an integral part of this program.

By purchasing your own set of mini-Clubbells, as well as their startup guide, exercise manuals, and video collections, you can start to experience the benefits of combining strength training and yoga for optimal health, mental clarity, flexibility, general well-being, among many others.

Who does the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 program benefit?

Everyone who participates in the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 program will benefit from it, no matter the age or the health condition of the participant. Individuals with persisting injuries can experience a lessening or even a complete diminishing of their physical pain by flexing and stretching certain muscle areas they may not pay attention to during their original workout routines. This workout is also suitable for very advanced fitness enthusiasts as well as complete beginners.

How does it work?

You can either attend Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 classes at a gym near you, if they offer the classes, or you can purchase the material yourself and get started on the routines in your own home.

The videos you can purchase show Huntington coaching fitness expert Alaina Sawaya as she makes her way through all 36 of the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 routines, working her way up from level 1 to level 3. Huntington points out misalignments that are common for practitioners to do, and advises on how to avoid them. The videos are easy to follow and come with ambient background music to help ease your mind and prepare you for deep clarity.


What do you get when you purchase the Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 Program?

You get:

Startup guide – 57-page booklet that outlines each of the 36 workouts.

Exercise manuals – These contain detailed tutorials on how to do the workouts and make the most of them. They come with pictures that show you how to position your Clubbell and yourself in order to work out effectively and avoid injury.

Yoga manual – a 29-page booklet showing snapshots into the 24 yoga flows provided by the program. Each yoga flow has a version with a Clubbell and without. It also contains guides that help you warm up before working out and how to align your body for optimal results.

Yoga video folder – all 24 video tutorials for the weighted and non-weighted workout routines.

Bonus videos – an assortment of other videos including an introductory clip, another featuring Summer and Alayna describing how this program can benefit trainers and clients alike, and two warm-up videos offering extra tips.

You can buy the program for $99.95 from their website, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You’ll have to purchase the Clubbells separately.

About the author

Clubbell Yoga Prima 12’s creator, Summer Huntington, is on a mission to unite High Intensity Interval Training (what we know of as a standard muscle-building workout) with yoga, in a program designed to help practitioners of both enjoy the benefits of either one.

Huntington, a movement specialist and yoga teacher with a master’s in kinesiology, began to notice a gap between the way yoga and traditional strength training makes the human body move. Whereas yoga promotes flexibility, balance and movement, strength training focuses on building muscle and stamina. Huntington saw that too much of one kind of exercise can lead to injuries, and so she set out to develop a program that would get people incorporating yoga and strength training simultaneously to get the benefits of both.

If you would like to purchase Clubbell Yoga Primal 12 today then click on the image link below.


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