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Clean Up the Profits, How to start your own office cleaning business…


Are you looking for a Step by Step Guide to starting your own office cleaning business? Check out Clean Up the Profits for more details.

1. Clean up the Profits Explained

2. Who does the guide benefit?

3. How does Clean up the Profits work?

4. What do you get when you purchase Clean up the Profits?

5. About the author

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1. Clean up the Profits Explained

Clean Up the Profits explains how to start your own office cleaning business, and make it a lucrative venture. The author explains a time-tested and proven business model that is risk-free and involves little or no upfront investment. This business may be done either part-time or full-time, is highly scalable, and suits almost anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and work.

The office cleaning business, when done the right way is real and genuine work, and offers guaranteed income. In fact, it offers the potential of full-time income from part-time effort.

The office cleaning business is growing. The estimates in this sector are to provide more jobs compared to any other sector in the coming years. Since offices are present everywhere, and cleaning the office is unavoidable, this business is evergreen and recession-proof.

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2. Who does the program benefit?

This program benefits anyone who wants to make a living, and is willing to work for it. There is no special education, experience, or skills required to start this business. Since it requires little of no investment, just about anyone can start the business. The only requirement is a motivation to earn money and willingness to work.

The office cleaning business suits the work-from-home concept, and may be done part-time as well.

Clean up the Profits

3. How does Clean up the Profits it work?

The actual task of cleaning the offices is the easiest part of the trade. Anyone can do the task, even without much skills or experience.

Success hinges on things the right way, or following some tips and techniques to get an advantage over the competition.
Specifically, the key factors on which success hinges include:
(i). Getting accounts
(ii). Having a professional service agreement that delivers a definite advantage over competitors
(iii). A workable business model including the right pricing strategy. It is essential to charge by the job rather than by the hour.

4. What do you get when you purchase “Clean up the Profits” (Cost/Bonus/ Money Back Guarantees)

When you purchase “Clean up the Profits” you get a complete home-based starter-kit containing all documents and information you need to start the business, in a downloadable format. The kit offers definite, specific and precise information, including the two key factors on which success depends: “how to get the account” and “how to price it right”.

The kit includes:
• Step-by-step instructions on how to get started from scratch with little or no money, and how to upgrade with no additional costs.
• Information on how to set up the business, including information on license and insurance
• Insights into the tools of the trade, including basic equipment list and routine cleaning schedule
• Proven methods on how to get customers, including source of leads, without having to invest in expensive advertisements or make cold-calls, tips on clients and references.
• Cutting-edge tips for success, including how to correctly figure the monthly bill, best time to bill, and more
• Introduction letter that leaves a lasting impression and gain definite advantage over competition.
• A professional service agreement or the bid, which is developed with feedback from actual office managers themselves. This document is the result of 15 years of experience and proven to generate business on its own.
• A professional bid follow-up letter
• An equally powerful reminder letter
• A square ft. estimating chart that makes estimation easy
• A set of ready-to-use forms and letters, worth $69

The kit also includes “The Best Proven Methods for Getting Customers,” which lists proven methods to get results and offers a definite advantage over competition.

There are four free bonus reports included, which details four profitable “add on services” that may be offered with the cleaning service, and are lucrative ventures in its own right.

All these come at just $37.97, with an unconditional no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. The subscriber may order the kit, try it out and if not satisfied, return it to get a full refund within 60 days, without giving any reasons.

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5. About the author

The author of Clean up the Profits, Sam Rodman has been in the office cleaning business for more than 20 years. He started off as an employee, running a cleaning crew. After acquiring first-hand experience and being familiar with the nuances of the trade, he started his own in 1992.
He had a humble beginning, starting with a spray bottle and a borrowed vacuum cleaner. Success was rapid, with turnover crossing $4500 dollars in a few months by working four hours part time. Through this kit, he is sharing the secrets of his success. People who have followed his advice have met with remarkable success, and earn over 200k per year.


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