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Bake a Dog a Bone Review, Pet business guide

Pet Bakery Business

Bake a Dog a Bone Book – Pet Business Step by Step Guide

The pet industry is valued over 65 billion today and continues to grow at rapid pace.  This is largely due to the fact that there are over 77 million dogs as pets in the United States alone. Entrepreneurs around the world continue to cash in on the pet bakery industry by starting there own pet bakery company.  if you have a passion for starting your own home based pet bakery business then Bake a Dog a Bone Book is a great resource to start your pet business today.

This step by step guide will give you all the secrets to:

  • Secrets of networking with leaders in the pet treat industry to get your pet baked treats selling.
  • Avoiding mistakes previous pet treat bakers have made while trying to get there business started and making profits during the critical first year.
  • Step by Step order tracking to help you stay on top of your inventory requirements and to dominate your competition.
  • Find out what are the proven pet treats to bake and sell at high margin.
  • How to deal with regulatory agencies, such as, the FDA, to ensure product compliance is met and exceeded.
  • Identifying and strategically implementing key market strategies in the pet bakery industry to keep you ahead of your competition.

These are just some of the things that are presented in Bake a Dog a Bone Book.  You will be learning the tips and tricks of the pet bakery industry from two proven leaders in the industry.  Both Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram have amassed years of experience in helping pet business get up and running in this niche market.

Ultimately, if you are a pet owner and have a passion to start a home based pet baking business then the Bake a Dog a Bone Book might be the right choice for you.  Have fun making wonderful pet treats that will be enjoyed by these incredible furry friends.

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Author – Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram

Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram are the co-authors of Bake a Dog a Bone Book.

Chris has worked as a senior manager in PETsMART’s food and treat industry and has successfully marketed hundreds of pet products.  He also has interests in several profitable pet product companies today.

Doug Bertram is the former CEO of Farnam Pet Products, President of eBizWize, LLC, a pet consulting company.  He has successfully used his experience in these roles to help several pet product companies grow there product lines.


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