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3 Week Diet | Kick Start your weight loss

The 3 Week Diet is for Real

Another day, another diet scam! At least it seems that way, especially if you are trying to shed a little, or a lot, of holiday weight. It can be very frustrating to watch or listen to someone screeching through your speakers and telling you can eat all the chocolate you want and drink all the milkshakes you want as long as you’re on their miracle diet.

The only miracle is that some poor dieters actually fall for the scams. It’s also frustrating for those who actually have a program that will work for almost everyone but can’t be heard over the con artists.

There is a program out there that is based on 100% fundamentally sound principles of calorie reduction and exercise.

The program is called the 3 Week Diet and it is exactly what it sounds like, plus a little bit extra. In addition to the diet and exercise components of the plan there is also a separate motivational manual included that has some time tested tips and tricks to keep the user on track.

The program was developed by a fitness expert and cuts right through the nonsense others use to try to scam you and gets you started on a scientifically sound weight loss plan.

The introduction manual provides some fundamental information on the science of weight gain and weight loss, explains the role your body’s metabolism plays in a diet’s success and talks about the benefits of using nutritional supplements to maximize the benefits of the program.

The diet manual is your three phase nutritional plan for the three week program (one phase per week) and it not only tells you what to eat, it tells you when to eat it and how much you should eat based on your body type. Just as important, the manual tells you what not to eat and provides eating advice for revving up your metabolism.

The exercise manual contains four real world exercise plans that real people can actually do. The workouts do not require heavy weights or benches or special equipment to get it done, and done right.

A diet without exercise, or exercise without a diet will never be able to do what a combination of the two can do for you. That is the primary reason you can be assured the program is for anyone and everyone who wants to do it!

The three manuals plus the motivational manual are currently on sale for only $27. The set is valued at over $150 and the site is including some giveaways for a limited time – but that’s not really the point.

The point is there is an easy to understand and easy to use weight loss plan available that isn’t a total scam. The company is standing behind the product with a full 60 day money back guarantee. 3 weekdiet300x250


The man behind the 3 Week Diet system is Brian Flatt. Brian is a personal trainer and sports nutritionist based in Southern California. Brian owns a training studio called REV Fitness also in California.

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